What's In Your Ranch?

Updated: Mar 20

I love ranch dressing! When I was a kid, I ate it with a lot of my favorite foods - fries, chicken tenders, pizza, cucumbers- and of course, salad! Now as an adult, I confess... that none of that has changed! Well, a couple things have changed- I now use cauliflower for my pizza crust, and I have switched to a healthier ranch dressing! Here are a couple brands that I have found and am excited to share with you! You will also find a yummy discount for delicious keto foods at the bottom of this post!

A lot of big-brand ranch dressing bottles or mixes have added ingredients in them like MSG and sugar. I avoid MSG in general because, you know, it's MSG. But I have also cut virtually all sugar and syrups from my diet, excluding sugar substitutes like Stevia and coconut sugar. I have always been a nutrition facts reader, but since changing my diet to keto and diabetic-friendly foods, I was SHOCKED to see how much sugar and syrup was added to so many different foods. It was even added to my beloved ranch dressing!

After getting diagnosed with gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy. I drastically changed my diet and was successfully able to control my diabetes through my diet. At first, it was really emotionally tough because there were so many foods that I couldn't eat. I focused more on my gratitude for being able to control my diabetes with diet though and decided to do a pantry makeover! I cleared a shelf and decided that I would fill it with yummy keto and diabetic friendly foods that I could eat!

My keto food research began as I perused my local grocery online pick-up aisles (which by the way, is AMAZING- but we'll talk about that later). I started finding brands that had ingredients that aligned with my diet and I felt really excited to fill my little portion of the pantry with my special foods. One thing that I ate a lot of during my pregnancy was salad. I stacked my plate high with organic spring mix, added a couple hard boiled eggs, some cooked chicken breast, almonds, cheese, and a drizzle of olive oil. Now, don't get me wrong- olive oil makes a perfectly delicious salad dressing! But after eating it every day, I started missing my ranch. So, I did a little more research and found a couple brands that make really yummy keto ranch dressing!

Primal Kitchen is the first brand that I found. They have ranch dressing as well as other products that are keto, paleo, vegan, dairy free, and Whole30! I purchased the ranch dressing and put it to the test with some homemade almond flour-crust chicken strips (recipe coming soon!). It was so delicious! Not only is it super tasty, but it has clean ingredients in it that I can trust. This brand is definitely a keeper in my book- er, pantry.

TesseMae's is another brand that I found that is also keto! It follows very similar parameters as Primal Kitchen (sugar free, keto, dairy free, Whole30 friendly, etc.) but has a slightly different taste (spice-wise) to it. I put this ranch to the test on my layered salad and some sweet potato fries and- yep, this brand also scored for me. My 4 year old daughter, who is a ranch connoisseur in training, even approves of it!

So, to all of my ranch-loving keto friends reading this- here are a couple great options to consider when looking for foods to fill your pantry! Happy Shopping!

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