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Updated: Mar 28

Monday is here- and so is the laundry list of chores needing to be done for the week. Who else already feels overwhelmed and stressed out? To combat these feelings of stress, I decided to write about 3 of my favorite inspirational quotes to turn these Monday Blues into a much brighter color!

On Sunday nights, I try to compile a list of things that I need to do during the week for our home/family needs, my children's school needs, and our small business needs. I try to be brief with it because I tend to start doing those things on my list, when I really need to go to bed and rest instead. Being brief also allows my mind to settle down- otherwise, I stay awake.

Last night, one of the things I put on my list for this week was the laundry. We are a few loads behind on laundry right now, and having 3 kids and 3 animals can quickly turn that "few" into a much larger amount. I checked the load of baby clothes in the dryer and to my surprise- the laundry wasn't drying! Great, just another Monday thing, right? Might as well close the dryer door, grab my pint of keto ice cream, and slunk into my couch. However, I decided to go with this little speed bump instead. I pulled out the clothes, put them on hangers, and let them air dry in our dining room, while making a plan to get our dryer fixed. It may not have been much, but it was still movement forward. Looking at the baby clothes drying on our dining room chairs made me think of a quote by Teddy Roosevelt.

1. "In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing. The worst thing you can do is nothing."

It may not seem like much, but I was still working toward achieving my goal of doing the laundry. Baby steps are still steps after all.

While the laundry was air-drying, I decided to take a break from household and business chores to do some self-care. After an incredibly busy morning of making breakfast, doing dishes, cleaning the dining room and living room, walking the dog, doing laundry, marketing my boutique online, taking pictures of new earrings that I made for my website, breastfeeding my baby, and helping my son clean his room- I was definitely due for some time for myself. I still had so much to do, but if I didn't stop to take a moment for myself, it would reflect in my work. This next quote is by Buddha.

2. "You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection."

This quote is so important because we cannot forget to care for and love ourselves as we do for our family and work. Self-care if so important.

After my shower, I felt refreshed and mentally ready to take on the remainder of my chores for the day. I settled into my computer chair with my baby, pulled up my website, and quietly began working on some of my business chores for my boutique while my baby nursed herself into a very-much needed nap. During the quiet moments that I am able to work on my boutique either doing marketing, editing photos, or doing researching how to be a better business owner, I felt immense gratitude for where I was in that moment. After 10 years of being in the work force, I decided to run with the punches that the pandemic threw at me and start my own boutique. With the extra time I was spending at home, I wanted to make something out of it to stay productive. One of my favorite parts of the day is when my baby nurses and naps on me while I am working on my business. Being able to hold my baby and be a comfort to her while I am working makes me feel happy beyond explanation. Not only is it totally awesome multi-tasking, but I feel more motivated to push harder with my work because the biggest reason I work my business is my children. This next quote is by Jim Rohn and I love the message it sends.

3. "Learn to be thankful for what you already have, while you pursue all that you want."

I have big, bold dreams for my business and my family, but while I pursue them, I must always remember to feel gratitude for where I currently am.

I am grateful for the work that I can do while my baby naps quietly on me. I am grateful for my home that I am able to work out of and create beautiful things for others to love and enjoy. I am grateful that it is Monday, and that I have taken careful steps today to check things off of my to do list, do some self-care, and express gratitude for where I am at in the now. Let's make Monday a Good Day.

With Love,


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