Keto Product Review: Hilo Life Nut Snacks

Updated: Mar 20

Each product review is my honest and personal opinion.

One snack that I got in my KetoKrate this month is Hilo Life Piece-A-Pizza flavored walnut and cheese snack mix. Here is my honest review of this keto snack!

Hilo Life is owned by Inviting Foods, LLC, which is a small subsidiary of PepsiCo that produces flavored nut and cheese snacks. I had the pleasure of trying the Piece-A-Pizza flavored snack bag and here are my thoughts on it!

First, I had never heard of Hilo Life until I tried KetoKrate. So I will start this review by saying I am SO happy that I subscribed for KetoKrate, because without them, I may not have found this AMAZING snack! Each package of Hilo Life flavored nuts is one serving, but I snacked on my pouch over the course of a few days to savor it as long as possible and give my honest review of the product. Here are my thoughts;

  1. They replace my craving for pizza flavored chips. I really missed eating pizza flavored snacks and I wanted something that could fill in the gap. These snacks are everything I missed about pizza flavored chips- and more! It has actual cheese in it, too!

  2. It is more filling than a carby snack. It took me a few days to finish one pouch- and that was with my kids also having a few bites of it. I felt happy enough with just a few pieces because each bite was so full of delicious pizza flavor that I didn't need to eat a bunch to feel satisfied.

  3. My kids love them. Seriously, I almost had to hide them! They are pizza fiends and this snack was right up their alley! They won't touch a walnut normally- but they would ask me for a few pieces when I would eat these!

  4. You can order them online. You can order these either directly through the website, or through Amazon! It makes this snack that much more convenient because it gets delivered right to your door!

  5. Great on-the-go snack. I would totally take these hiking, camping, or even on road trips!

I am definitely sold on these pizza flavored snacks! Hilo Life also carries two other flavors which I will certainly be trying because I am so impressed with these pizza ones! And who knows- maybe I will get one of them in my next KetoKrate!

Overall, I absolutely recommend these snacks. If you are trying the keto diet and are missing the carby pizza flavored snacks, give Hilo Life's Piece-A-Pizza Nut Snack Mix a try!

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*Please review allergen and ingredient information prior to consumption.*

Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate with Hilo Life, so any link clicks or purchases through Hilo Life do not provide me with compensation. I linked to the Hilo Life website to share this keto snack with others who may not have known about it.

I am an affiliate with KetoKrate and I am compensated a small amount each time a purchase is made through my link. The cost remains the same for you though.

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