"Green" Activities for Kids During Earth Day Month

Updated: Apr 8

Thursday, April 22nd, 2021 is Earth Day! Earth Day originally started in 1970 and has become an annual tradition where we show our support for Mother Earth by celebrating how we are Earth-friendly! Earth Day is a great opportunity to teach kids about reducing our carbon footprint and making more eco-friendly choices to protect Mother Earth and it's creatures. Here are 4 "Green" Activities for Kids to do During Earth Day Month to teach them about the beauty of our planet and how we can make "greener" choices!

Take a Hike

Hiking is an amazing way to connect with nature! It gives us fresh air and exercise, while also acting as a "nature classroom". With proper books and gear, a hike can easily turn into an amazing learning experience!

Learning Opportunity: Hiking is a great way to teach our kids about the importance of our National Forests and the jobs of our park rangers. There are many great nature/explorer handbooks for kids that would be perfect to take along. A lot of the children's explorer books include safety lessons, such as types of plants that could be poisonous and what gear is good for hiking. There are also nature journals that have activities for kids such as bird drawing, scavenger hunts, and other fun activities!

Eco-Tip: Always remember to pack out everything that you bring with you! From trash to gear, it is our responsibility to pick up after ourselves when we go out.

Try Meatless Monday

Trying Meatless Monday is a great way to introduce kids to more veggies! Research shows that doing Meatless Monday is not only beneficial to our health, but also to the planet's health by conserving environmental resources and reducing our carbon footprint.

Learning Opportunity: Meatless Monday is a great way to get more veggies on your kid's plates! I like to go one step further and get my kids involved in the kitchen as well. I tell them to put on their chef hats and think of ways we can make our food taste yummy! My kids love broccoli, cauliflower, and corn!

Eco-Tip: Try cooking with some veggies you harvested from your own garden! Otherwise, this is a great opportunity to support some local farmers at the farmer's market!

Make a Recycled Craft

So much artistic potential awaits us- in our recycling bins! My son likes to create things with carboard pieces from shipping boxes. We have made things like cardboard swords, a spaceship, and even a little fort!

Learning Opportunity: Making a recycled craft is a great opportunity to talk about how we can reduce our trash and waste, as well as how to appropriately dispose of our trash. It provides hands-on learning, sparks creativity, and also encourages us to utilize our resources.

Eco-Tip: If you are doing a recycled craft that involves painting, try using non-toxic paint that is safe for kids and the planet!

Read a Book

I love books! There are many books that can help teach kids the importance of making eco-friendly choices, as well as learning more about our planet and eco-system.

Learning Opportunity: There are wonderful books that talk about recycling, forests, animals, water, and energy. One of my favorite books is The Lorax by Dr. Seuss.

Eco-Tip: Public libraries are fantastic resources! If you do not live near one, you can always create your own Little Free Library for your neighborhood so you and your neighbors can all share wonderful books together!

Plant a Garden

Planting a garden is a great outdoors activity! It is hands-on and gets your kids directly involved with where our food comes from and how it grows! It is also a perfect opportunity to spend quality time with the family!

Learning Opportunity: Planting a garden is perfect for teaching kids where our food and flowers come from and how they grow. It also teaches them about the responsibility involved in caring for something. The end result of a harvested tomato or a beautiful flower is an amazing reward for all of the hard work and patience they put in to growing it!

Eco-Tip: When harvest season is over, you can collect your plant seeds and save them for next year!

For some, Earth Day is every day. I am always looking for new ways to reduce my carbon footprint and teach my children how to make more eco-friendly choices.

Happy Earth Day!

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