7 Inspirational Quotes for Small Business Owners

Updated: Apr 7

Moment of truth: running a small business is hard. It's not a 9-5 job- it's a 24/7 lifestyle. As a small business owner, I put more hours into my career now than I ever did when I worked a full-time job for a corporation. It takes time, patience, and a lot of grace. It's exhausting, and some days I feel I am just running in place. Here are 7 inspirational quotes that help me get through long work days and keep me motivated!

  1. This quote by Nelson Mandela helps me when I feel stuck on a project or a post. When I experience writer's block, it seems impossible in the moment to get my post completed and published. After taking a short break to refresh my mind, I get back to it and I feel good about the quality of content in it.

2. This quote by John C. Maxwell offers real-life advice: success doesn't happen overnight. Sometimes, it doesn't happen for months, or even years! This quote serves as a reminder for me to be grateful for the little "wins" along the way that contribute to my success. I have more things to celebrate and be proud of, therefore more motivation to push forward with my career.

3. This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson helps me when I am feeling stressed about finances. If I am actively stressing about a bill, then my work is influenced by that stress. However, when I lead my projects with creativity and passion in mind, I create better products and write better posts that I feel more connected to.

4. This quote by Hillary Sawchuk is a wonderful reminder to stay true to yourself. Just because someone else is successful with their career doesn't mean you should change yours to be more like theirs. It's no longer your brand then- it's the other guy's. This reminds me to stay true to my products and beliefs so I can create a strong, successful and meaningful brand.

5. This quote by Helen Keller is all about gratitude for me. If you don't feel grateful with where you are now, then how will you truly feel happy or accomplished in the future? Gratitude is one of the most important parts of the process for me because I learn to be more thankful and appreciative for what I have created and worked so hard for.

6. This quote by Ken Poirot motivates me to reach higher for my career goals. Every day I have the opportunity to create my brand better, stronger, and more meaningful. I have the opportunity to utilize my tools to connect with more people, come up with product ideas, and improve my writing. It all adds up and shapes the future that I want for my business and my family.

7. This quote by Dita Von Teese is my number one favorite motivational quote. When I am working on a product for my shop or cooking a keto meal that I plan to blog about, I am reminded that it's impossible to please everyone. There will be many people loving my posts, handmade gifts, and writing, and there will also be those that don't love it- and that is okay. This quote helps me to focus on staying true to myself.

These 7 quotes help me when I feel like I am running in place, feel discouraged, or am doubting my work. These quotes act as my reminders to give myself some grace and be patient with the process. Progress is progressive.

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