5 Minute Self-Care Ideas

Updated: Mar 20

Sometimes, our lives get so busy that we completely forget to take care of ourselves. I am totally guilty of this and will sometimes end up feeling burned out by mid-day. This is how 5 minutes of self-care helps me get through tough days!

As a mom of 3, my hands are very full. I also have 3 pets, work two businesses from home, and clean/cook for my gaggle of a family. With loving help from my fiancé, we are able to tackle our home and work responsibilities together. But at the end of the day, I ask myself, "what did I do for me today?", and I realize that I need to squeeze time for myself into my busy schedule because taking care of me is also important. Making time for self-care positively reflects in my work, tone of voice, and overall mood.

When I feel overwhelmed by my list of tasks, I take a moment to breathe. Taking the time to focus on my breath helps me to come down from feeling frustrated and focus more on completing the important tasks of the day. Whether I'm standing in my kitchen preparing a meal, walking the dog, or marketing my business online- I pause and take a breath. I take in the moment, hold it for a few seconds, and let it go. This really helps me to clear my mind and focus on the important tasks that I need to get done instead of feeling overwhelmed by the less important tasks that crowd my thinking.

When I feel overwhelmed, I tend to shut down. Feeling overwhelmed sometimes makes me feel mentally exhausted, which then makes it almost impossible to finish my tasks. To avoid this burn-out, I like to play some music. We all have our favorite songs that makes us feel like getting up and chasing our dreams. When I am feeling mentally exhausted, I turn on some of my favorite songs that make me feel good. The music motivates me to get moving and then suddenly, I am up and getting things done! Get the right song on and I'll be singing in my kitchen as I'm washing dishes or wiping the counters.

The "busy-ness" of our every day lives can make us temporarily forget all about our passions. For example, I love books. As the daughter of a former librarian, I have a lot of books and I wish I could say I have read each of them. Every New Year, I make the same resolution- to read one of my books from start to finish! I get perhaps a quarter of the way through the book, set down, and then forget about it because "I don't have time for it". This happens because when I feel stressed about the "busy-ness" going on in my life from work or home chores, I feel that I don't have time to do the things that I love. Everything becomes a time crunch and I find myself in the fast lane all too often. My point is, read the book. Pick up the paint brush, pencil, crochet needles, or comic book. Spend 5 minutes on one of your hobbies. After taking 5 minutes reading, making jewelry, or writing, I feel more energized to take care of the other needs of my home with a more loving and patient mindset.

It is so important to remember the simple things that make us feel joy. So today, try taking 5 minutes and listen to your favorite feel-good songs as you tackle a task. Take a few deep breaths when you feel overwhelmed. Read a chapter of that book or start that painting you've been thinking about. If you need help, reaching out to family, friends, or medical professionals is also self-care. Taking care of you is important.

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