20 Awesome Treasures for Kids to Collect

Collecting little trinkets and treasures has always been a fun hobby of mine. As a parent, it's fun to see the little treasures that my children collect and connect to. Each item in the collection has its own story, which makes the collection that much more special. Here are 20 Awesome Treasures for Kid's to Collect!

*Important Note: Collection treasures should be age-appropriate for children so they do not poise a choking hazard. Adult Supervision is recommended for young children.

1. Buttons

Buttons are a fun thing to collect because they are relatively easy to find and they come in different shapes, sizes and colors. They can be found on old coats, pants, or blouses and are small enough to be stored in a special box.

2. Stamps

Stamps are a great way to capture our evolving art! Older stamps have a different art style and it's cool comparing and contrasting the different art styles with each stamp. Stamps can be kept in a stamp book or binder as well for safe and easy storage.

4. Acorn Capules

My kids and I have made a collection of acorn capules! The capules are just the tops of the acorn- or "acorn hats" as my kids call them. Every time we go for a walk, we make an effort to find at least one acorn hat to add to our collection. These are fun to collect because there will sometimes be three or four stuck together!

5. Special Coins

Coins are awesome treasures- especially if you have coins from different countries! The different metals, languages, and values of each coin are fun to learn about. This also is an opportunity to talk about traveling with your kids!

6. Rocks, Fossils, & Gemstones

My son just started a rock, fossil, and gemstone collection and he is really into it! Gemstones and special rocks make beautiful collections. There are usually little gift shops as well in tourist areas that sell special rocks and stones as little keepsakes of the place traveled to. You can also find interesting rocks on hikes, beaches, and even in your yard!

7. Unique Beads

My daughter and I like to collect unique beads. They can either come in a package of beads I purchased, or off of an old piece of jewelry. I love Czech glass and ceramic beads because each one is unique. They can be stored in a special box, or made into a new piece of jewelry!

8. Toy Figurines

Figurine collections are fun to have as a kid or adult! I like to collect certain figurines from my favorite shows and games, and so do my kids. Depending on the type of figurine, they can be fairly inexpensive as well. My daughter loves dinosaur figurines, and those can be found at secondhand stores or garage sales!

8. Toy Cars

Toy cars are another great thing to collect whether you're a kid or adult! There's the little metal cars, or you can get the wooden/plastic ones that you can build yourself. This is a great option for car enthusiasts!

9. Small Stuffed Animals

Stuffed animals are really fun to collect! I had a Beanie Baby collection when I was a kid and I loved it! Depending on the size, these can take up quite a bit of room though. Floating shelves are a great way to store these, unless you want to keep them in a box to prevent dust/dander from getting to them.

10. A Book Series

A chapter book or picture book series are great to collect! A couple of my son's favorite chapter book series are The Magic Tree House and Flat Stanley. Growing up, my mom had a Nancy Drew book collection. As a book enthusiast, this is one of my favorite things to collect!

11. Dried Flowers

A fun project that I like to do with my kids is dry flowers. We place them in a folded sheet of paper and tuck it into the middle of a thick book. We leave it there for a couple weeks to dry and when we go back to it, the flower is pressed! These are very easy to store in a binder or a journal, or they can be framed and hung as a decoration!

12. Shells

Shells are beautiful treasures to collect! Not only do you get the fresh air and exercise from walking on the beach, but you also get a beautiful collection of different shapes, sizes, and colors of shells! My grandma has a shell collection and I love hearing the stories behind each one.

13. Comic Books

Comic books not only help get your kids reading, but they can also be framed and hung on the wall as a cool decoration! Comics can also be fairly inexpensive. I was able to find comics at a local shop near me for under a dollar each!

14. Patches

Patches are fun because you can wear them! They can easily be stored in a binder or book, or you can iron/sew them onto an article of clothing or a bag!

15. Stickers

Stickers are another one of my favorite things to collect! They are usually sold or given at events, special shops, or custom made. They can be stored in a journal, or some people like to stick them on their laptop, notebook, or water bottle.

16. Marbles

Marbles are so cool! I remember having a very small collection of marbles when I was a kid. My favorite were the really big marbles! These are great because they can be played with and then stored in a jar or satchel after!

17. Hair Clips

Hair clips are another fun thing to collect! Many are one-of-a-kind and they are really cute to put on display as well! These are felt flower hair clips that I make by hand and sell in my shop! Click here to see them in my shop!

18. Feathers

When I was a kid, I had a huge feather collection! I had a big shoebox full of owl feathers, wild turkey feathers, wild parrot feathers, blue jay feathers, and many others! Most feathers were found on camping trips that I went on. When I grew up, there were wild parrots and I loved finding the colorful feathers!

19. Collectible Cards

My brothers and I had a huge card collection growing up. I have kept a lot of my cards and I still like to look at them for a little bit of nostalgia. It's also super cool to see how the art changes on the cards through the years!

20. Dice

My fiancé and I love to play card games that involve special dice. At the local comic shop near us, they sell these super cool dice that are used for these games. I love looking through them and picking out my favorite colors. These are fun to collect as a kid or adult!

Each of these items are fun, unique, and relatively easy to bring to a class show-and-tell if the occasion pops up! One thing I do recommend including with the collection is a little notebook so you and your child can record the story behind each item.

Happy Collecting!

With Love,


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