10 Non-Candy Easter Basket Gift Ideas for Kids

Updated: Mar 20

Since I have cut sugar from my diet for health reasons, I have also reduced sugars and syrups from my children's diet. When the holidays roll around, it's really difficult to not give a lot of sweet treats! So, I compiled a list of fun, practical, and cheerful Easter gift ideas for kids that are not candy!

1. A Picture or Chapter Book

Depending on your child's age, a new picture book or chapter book to read together is a beautiful gift of not just the book, but the time you will be spending together reading the book. Right now, I am reading a chapter book with my 7 year old son. We read one chapter per night and we both love the quiet time we get to spend together. I also read one picture book with my 4 year old daughter each night. We read a lot in our home, so having a new book to change up the options is really nice.

2. A New Outfit

New clothes are a pretty big deal in my home for my kids. Having a new (or thrifted but new to them) outfit to wear that is appropriate for the new Spring weather helps them to "gear up" for more outdoor adventures! Plus, my kids grow like weeds, so Spring is a great time to go through their drawers and donate the clothing they grew out of! Out with the old and in with the new (or thrifted)!

3. Art Supplies

My kids loves art- my poor walls are proof of it, too. Art supplies like washable crayons, colored pencils, markers, or paints that are age-appropriate are really good gifts that help spark creativity and imagination. My daughter loves to color and paint. The gift of a small blank canvas and some watercolors will most likely be in her Easter basket this year!

4. Comic Books

My son loves to read regular picture/chapter books and is just starting to get into comic books. Comic books are a great way to get your kiddos reading! Some comic stores can have some really good deals on comics as well. There is a local comic store where I live that has boxes of comics for under a dollar each comic. Comic books are great inexpensive gifts!

5. Puzzles

Puzzles are such great toys to be done either solo or together! My kids like to do big floor puzzles that take up (what seems like) half the space of the bedroom floor. Age-appropriate puzzles are great gifts for anyone that is up for the challenge! I still love doing puzzles!

6. Outdoors Toys

Outdoors toys are great gifts to get the whole family outside and moving! Things like soccer balls, basket balls, a t-ball set, a hula-hoop, or a baseball and a mitt are all great options (depending on your child's age). We like to play disc golf!

7. A DIY Craft

DIY crafts not only keep your kids entertained, but are also really fun to do! Some Spring time craft ideas are sun catcher kits, wooden car model kits, or a jewelry craft! My son likes the little wooden car kits that he can build and paint while my daughter like to make jewelry and paint little figurines.

8. A Favorite Savory Snack

My kids loves whole wheat cheesy chips! Since switching my kids to mostly whole wheat, their chip and cracker snacks are now 100% whole grain or whole wheat. Age-appropriate savory snacks like pretzels or crackers are great basket fillers!

9. Something Handmade

For Christmas last year, I purchased mostly handmade gifts from small businesses for my kids. When I told them that the special gifts were handmade by someone, they were shocked that someone had taken the time to create something so neat. It instantly made the gift more special, and even inspired some crafty-ness on their part! Plus, supporting small businesses is awesome.

10. Special Coins

For some holidays, my kids usually get a couple golden dollar coins. I go to my bank and exchange a few dollars for the gold coins and they are always so shiny and pretty! I like to sneak these pretty coins into a special gift for them because they get so excited to see the shiny "gold"!

These 10 ideas are great non-candy Easter basket gifts that are inexpensive, some can easily be thrifted, and they are all (except for the savory snack) items that can be used and appreciated for a long time. While sweets and treats are nice to have, they don't last long and normally end with a stomachache at my house. So, I decided to reduce it down to maybe one special treat for each of my kid's baskets and the remainder of the gifts are long lasting, practical, and fun!

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