My name is Samantha and I am a mom with a passion for reading, writing, and crafting. MereBear, meaning "momma bear", Boutique was started with inspiration from my children, my mom, and my grandmother. 


My Motherhood Blog focuses on  parenting tips and tricks that have worked for me as well as stories of empowerment and inspiration in my journey as a momma bear.

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Each product in my shop is handmade by me. I do small-batch products, making each piece a unique and one-of-a-kind treasure. I source my materials through US based small businesses, so purchasing from MereBear Boutique also supports other small businesses in the US! Each product in my shop is handmade with love and care.

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My Brand

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Thank you for visiting my page and sharing this journey with me!

With love,


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Looking For a New PC?

My fiancé owns and operates The Mad Dr's Computers and Technology. He configured my PC so I can blog, edit pictures, write documents, store data, manage my business, and play games all with ease!